Thursday, 22 June 2017

Off to la Belle France tonight

Will Mrs May still be PM when I return in 11 days time? Tant pis as the French say

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hammond is selling us out to the Germans

It is depressing to read that Hammond, Carney and Ruth Davidson are hell bent on putting the interests of Business first in our negotiations with the EU. We got rid of business votes in the middle of the 19th century which along with the introduction of the secret ballot in 1872 removed much of the control employers had over how their employees voted. Employers are still however trying to control our votes through their placemen, Hammond, Carney, Davidson. If they have their way then not only will our referendum to leave the EU be lost but we will become German slaves.

Today a senior German official declared a European Army was inevitable

Although it is claimed to be aimed at the Russians it can also be used at Junckers behest against us just like Hitler's army in 1939. Like Hitler's army they will also lose to the Russians with many millions of deaths. I do not want a single Brit to lose their life for another Franco Prussian folie de grandeur.

Yet all Hammond worrries about is a few cars with fiddled exhast emissions.

At times like these I turn to history. In 1420 the Scots Declaration of Arbroath carried this statement that rings down the years to us

for, as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.

But for useless Hammond it does not count. It did for the US who regard it as he precursor of their Declaration of Independence.

ne man one vote is the rule except in Brussels where that is so easy to overturn by the political elite aided by their Quislings like Hammond.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Theresa should have taken Phil with her. to visit Kensington Tower block fire scene

I cannot comprehend how crass and unfeeling Mrs May has been in her handling of the tower block fire. She is clearly uncomfortable meeting the public in unstructured situations. It makes most politicians uneasy but they hide it better than Mrs May. Nick and Fifi  have done too good a job in keeping the public away fom her but the terrible twosome are now gone and she is very much on her own and won't last past party conference time.

She has long standing good marriage and a very nice husband, Philip May. In their joint TV interview before the election Philip was clearly far more at ease than his wife talking off the cuff to Ms Etchingham. I would have advised her to take Phil with her on that ill fated visit. It was humanity not formal government business.

It would not have saved her poliical career but if Phil had done his stuff as I am sure he would it would have presented her in a more favourable light and made her more relaxed. Many politicians going back to Diasaeli succeed because of their spouse's attributes. Mrs May has once more shown poor judgement

Friday, 16 June 2017

Theresa May now has nothing to lose. She should stand up for what she believes in.

Mrs May is clearly finished in the Tory party. In that I agree with Gideon Osborne. She now has nothing to lose by standing up for what she believes in which I hope will be Brexit. If she does not do this she we will have conned us all..

Portillo last night agreed with me that she does not need a deal with the DUP as they wil never vote for Labour or Lib Dems. Callaghan and Wilson ran minority/tiny majority governments in the 1970s.Alec Salmond also successfully ran minority governments in Scotland.

The Tory vote in Scotland was a vote against a second SNP Indy referensum and to keep the Union. It was not a positive vote for Ruth Davidson whom I think is vastly over rated. She is well thought of only because the Tory front bench is largely a charisma free zone of mainly John Major clones with some in skirts. That also gives Mrs May short term security of tenure. The threat of another General Election is another big stick Mrs May has.

At my school on the morning of the Higher Maths exam the assembly hymn was always,

'He who is down needs fear no fall'

As a vicar's daughter Mrs May should know this hymn. It sums up Mrs May's current position.

She has made politically fatal mistakes but if she  can get Brexit up and running right now she will have a good place in our history. I hope it will be onward Christian soldiers.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Political Elite won't let us leave the EU

Let us be clear at the start voters knew that leaving the EU encompassed:

leaving the so called single market which is anyway incomplete to our disadvantage and requires free movement of people. The original Common Market aim was free movement of labour. The difference is the latter is for people coming to work and the former includes those coming to claim benefits, heath care etc. Leaving therefore allows us to control our borders and choose immigrants who can benfit our country as they do in OZ, NZ, USA

leaving the customs union which is a protectionist trade group and anti-free trade set up to protest various EU interest groups like farmers, cobblers etc. It prohibits us from doing our own trade deals.

leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court which is a corrupt political court set up to further the aims of the EU. English common law is the basis on which the City of London stands. It includes Euro derivative contracts & settlement. Change that to Euro law and no one will want to trade derivatives in Europe. (Ask why has Dieselgate not been prosecuted by the EU in the ECJ and mutiply the answer by 100 to get the effect of shifting Euro Settlement to Paris etc)

Then ask why we have a nonstop deluge of former political failures, Heseltine, Major, Cameron etc on the BBC. Answer it has been relaunched as the Brexit Blocking Corporation of the EU. Ask how much money the BBC gets from the EU every year. You won't get an answer, they claim journalistic immunity. Is there a similar waiver for propaganda? What is the difference between journalism and propaganda?

Ask how much our former PMs get from EU funded boon doodles, speeches and how EU funded business etc. As always follow the money and it will lead you to the truth

Our whole political and business establishment has much to lose financially if we leave the EU and move to a more open system. Why is Branson a non-dom domiciled on a West Indian Island.? Its not just for the sun the tax climate is so refreshing.

Remember those proposing a soft Brexit, whatever it means, want to keep us in the EU. They are voting with their wallet. Keep faith with Brexit and the will of the British people

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Political elite can't count

The seats won in 2017 General Election were

Tories 318

Labour + SNP + LD +Plaid + Greens 314

SF 7 don't vote

Independent 1 (Lady Hermon) from NI will never vote for Corbyn

DUP 10 also will never vote for Corbyn

Take 1 off for the Speaker and another 1 for his deputy. The other deputy will come from Labour

So the Tories have 316 voting MPs. I make that a majority of 4 for May over Corbyn's  coalition of chaos excluding DUP MPs. Its tight and they could easily lose votes but this can  always be reversed the next day by making it a confidence vote. The Queen's speech is always a confidence vote..

The IRA have had several goes at murdering various DUP MPs so they will never vote for IRA apologists like Corbyn and McDonnell.

It would be difficult for May but not impossible. In a crunch she does not need the DUP but she has made her bed and now she must lie in it.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Whither UKIP?

The news that coburn is to stand as UKIP leader and that Crowther is to be acting leader shows the dearth of talent in UKIP. Patrick O'Flynn is by far the ablest UKIP MEP. I hope he runs for leader. UKIP is a Greek tragedy which onlyMrs May's hubris  can surpass .but after hubris comes nemesis. Will it be Boris, DD or AN other? I don't know but I fear for Brexit and our democracy.

Farage ran UKIP as a cult with himself as cult leader. he cut and ran as soon as he could declaring job done like a rip off tradesman. When Farage left the job was only just started. He has his LBC chat show which is what he always wanted. UKIP foot soldiers have beeen fooled, used, abused and now deserted by Farage.  Do I feel sorry for UKIPers? Well not really they are well old enough to know better. I have some sympathy for the kids who got conned by Corbyn. I hope they learn sense as they grow up.

As for the Tories the Eton boating song comes to mind, 'For we're all in this together', but some are more in and some more out than others. I doubt head girl May can clear up the mess she has made. She has done great damage to our country but it was the Tory party that put her there. Angela Ledsom is a decent woman and Michael Gove a decent man. They could have chosen either. I remember my old BoE colleague and erstwhile cricketer Matthew Hancock MP saying he voted for May as we needed a steady hand on the tiller. Well Matthew, I would not want  butterfingers T May felding at first slip to my bowling.